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  • Get $1 off all your merch items!

    Buy your own merch at these awesome prices and earn extra revenue on each and every sale. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Sign up now and get $2 off t-shirts and $3 off hoodies until July 31st, 2019! That's $10 per t-shirt and $17 per hoodie! ToneThreads discount codes can be applied in addition to this, giving you an even better price!

  • Buy and sell merch from an extensive catalog of items in addition to the standard ToneThreads T-shirts and Hoodies.

    Currently available are kid's size (ages 1-6) t-shirts in our standard 7 colors and long sleeve t-shirts in 8 colors. As a Pro member, you will be able to get early and/or exclusive access to these items. Some of these items may eventually become standard ToneThreads items but many won't and will only be available to Pro members. We will be adding all sorts of new apparel options, colors and other items over time.

  • Create custom discount codes for your customers.

    Give your fans discounts with customizable coupon codes to use when buying your merch from your ToneThreads shop. Use these to thank your fans and to up your promotion and marketing game to sell more merch!

  • Advance notice of promotions and discounts.

    We often have site-wide ToneThreads sales. Sometimes they last weeks, sometimes a day. Getting advance notice of these will allow you to plan your own promotions efforts accordingly and help organize cost-effective bulk purchases of your own merch.

  • Shipments will come from your brand and your brand only.

    The "from" name on packages will be "Your Band Name" (or company name, record label name etc.) For basic accounts, it's "Your Band Name c/o ToneThreads".

  • Unlimited Merch Items.

    Basic accounts are limited to 16 design uploads. This equals 336 unique items if all available apparel options and colors are used for each design. As a Pro Member, you don't need to worry about any of this stuff.

  • Early and exclusive access to new features and more!

    Google Analytics for your shop and more!

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Features have not changed for basic accounts. ToneThreads is and always will be free to use. No upfront costs are required to create and sell merch.